Lighting can account for up to 40% of energy costs in commercial buildings and up to 7% of industrial energy use. LEDified LEDs reduce your lighting costs by up to 80%, which can significantly impact your energy bill.
Because LEDified LEDs last up to 100,000 hrs, your business will no longer need to regularly replace or service the lights.
The LED lighting upgrade is now 100% tax deductible (categorised as equipment) for businesses turning over under $2 million in revenue, provided the upgrade costs no more than $20,000. Please speak with your accountant to confirm if you are eligible.
Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia have government incentives that can reduce your out of pocket expense and, in some cases, these incentives can cover up to 50% of the LED upgrade’s costs.
LEDified LEDs are a lot cooler than traditional lights, which is particularly important for businesses looking to reduce cooling and refrigeration expenses.
LEDified LEDs produce a brighter, more natural, cooler light and do not flicker.

  • Enhanced product displays – LEDified LEDs bring out the natural colours of products and making them more vividly appealing to customers
  • Improved employee productivity – many LEDified commercial customers report that their employees are happier with the enhanced visibility attributed to the LED lights, which in turn results in greater productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction - many of our commercial clients tell us that their customers notice and comment on the great light produced by our LEDs, which positively enhances their experience
LEDified LEDs have a lower impact on landfills, generate less carbon for the environment, and don’t contain harmful chemicals like mercury so you know you’re doing your part for the environment.
LEDified is a winner of the 2015 Australian Business Award for Innovation.

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We take care of the entire upgrade process to facilitate a hassle-free experience so our clients only deal with one upgrade manager from the very beginning.

LEDified’s direct to customer model allows us to provide the fastest payback periods possible on your LED lighting upgrade with our customers experiencing an average payback period of only 19.3 months.

VERified energy monitoring service provided to monitor circuits on a customer’s switchboard. Enables energy consumption to be monitored in real time and a visual representation of when and how energy is consumed.

This monitoring service will definitively show the lighting savings following an LED upgrade. It will also show energy usage patterns and potentially suggest other areas for potential savings. For example, it will highlight where customer lights are left on ‘out of hours’, or potentially a HVAC system is running inefficiently.

  • Slash Maintenance Costs: LEDified LEDs last up to 100,000 hours, significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Innovation: Our engineers are always developing next generation LED products, ensuring our LEDs stay at the forefront of the latest technological trends, supporting smart technologies such as wireless controls and thermal management.
  • Various Applications: LEDified have LEDs for most indoor and outdoor applications, such as street lights, exit & emergency lighting, large warehouse lighting and small office lighting.
Our approach allows us to be flexible with when the upgrade is conducted to ensure that there are no disruptions to your business’ operations. Furthermore, our installers plan out the installation procedure to be as efficient as possible.
LEDified is the only LED lighting company in Australia that provides on-bill funding, which has quickly become our most popular financing option. LEDified has partnered with various energy providers to allow you to pay for the upgrade as a line item on your energy bill. In other words, this allows you pay for the upgrade with the savings generated with your new LEDs!
LEDified is a CM3 accredited company. CM3 is Australia’s leader in contractor safety OHS prequalification and management. This contractor WHS prequalification system ensures LEDified selects and use contractors who comply with industry best practice.
Our upgrade managers are experts in their field and undergo regular LEDified training to ensure that their product knowledge and understanding of the industry is faultless.
We only employ EcoSmart Electricians that have undergone rigorous industry training and are fully qualified and vetted to offer a superior LED installation.
The LEDified family extends beyond the confines of our office space. We partner with major corporations and thought leaders, such as The Gold Coast Titans (NFL), Melbourne Victory Football Club (A-League), the Master Grocers Association (MGA), Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Momentum, to provide you with unique opportunities, industry benefits and networking opportunities.
All LEDified LEDs come with a 5 year guarantee and we offer friendly customer service to accommodate your needs. We also guarantee that if we cannot save you 50% or more on your lighting costs, we will pay your energy bill for 3 months!
In order to carry the LEDified brand, we ensure that each product undergoes rigorous testing that meets and exceeds the requirements as set by the various Australian and International Standards.

Most LEDified products are approved for installation under the VEET and IPART government energy efficiency schemes. As such they also fulfil the mandatory reporting and compliance requirements set by these schemes.

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LEDified ensures that all installation workmanship is heavily monitored. A team of qualified electricians conduct regular onsite audits to ensure all upgrades meet customer expectations. These audits are completed both during and post installation. All LEDified installation electricians are issued with installer handbooks that outlines not only the relevant safety and compliance standards, but it clearly sets out what what workmanship standards must also be adhered to.