LEDs deliver high-performing, low maintenance lighting solutions, making them an ideal choice to enhance the quality of both residential and commercial spaces. Few will dispute the benefits offered by LED lighting; however, when shopping for LEDs, many consumers are surprised to find a wide variance in the pricing between various options.

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Understanding Which Factors Impact The Final Price On LED Lights

Here at LEDified, our consumers often come to us for answers on why different LEDs can have a huge variance in pricing. Our team understands that quality lighting solutions make a major difference in final results. Knowing the different factors that affect the final price (as well as guaranteed hours and overall warranty) can help ensure that you pick a quality product for your lighting project.

The first thing we discuss with our partners? LED chips. This component actually generates the light inside the bulb, allowing the chip to have the biggest impact on the overall cost of the product. High quality chips are created to maintain a specific standard of light output as well as colour consistency. Additionally, manufacturers have to create chips that also fall into specific colour temperatures as well. Some products are so low quality that they don’t even use lighting chips; instead they utilise low-power chips better suited for other purposes. The higher the chip quality, the higher the overall price points.

Other Factors That Contribute To LED Product Pricing

Beyond the LED chip, there are other components that also impact final product pricing. The power management system, also known as the driver, is what helps convert light and keeps voltage flowing effectively. Lower quality drivers can cause over/underpowered final output.

Additionally, the heat management system also plays a key role in the pricing variances. Maintaining the right temperature inside the product is critical to ensure a long lasting lifespan. Lower quality parts won’t be able to properly manage temperatures inside the product, causing it to overheat.

Finally, it’s important to consider the quality of the LED’s lens. The lens is tasked with focusing and directing the light appropriately. Even with other higher quality components, a low quality lens can compromise the final results you’ll achieve.

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Yes, LED lighting pricing can vary. But, when working with LEDified you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting top residential and commercial quality product brands at competitive pricing. Most importantly, when working with our team of experts for a customised lighting solution, LEDified actually helps you save money. Don’t spin wheels with other providers who only offer limited product lines. Contact us today with general inquiries or to request a risk-free project quote!