The business that we are going to feature has been featured on the LEDified blog before. A few years ago, they made a remarkable development with LED lighting technology by developing a light panel that mimicked the properties of the sun and the sky. CoeLux have gone a step further this time by planning to launch a lunar version of their lighting panel, which instead mimics moonlight.

When will this be released?

All that’s been said so far is that the new panel will be released sometime in 2017. It’s likely that the company may officially launch the release of the lunar skylight at this year’s LuxLive event.

What inspired the team at CoeLux to develop their latest innovation?

Professor Paolo Di Trapani, who is the inventor of the artificial skylights told Lux Review that unlike sunlight, which is receptive. People prefer to look at and admire the moonlight. He was quoted saying, “The moon, unlike the sun, lets you look at her, it seems she wants to be looked at”.

People that have already had the chance to get a preview of the skylight are praising its ingenuity. Less light is being used to create a comforting and relaxing ambiance.

Health benefits are likely to be the main selling point of the LED skylight.

People that experienced the first generation of CoeLux’s artificial skylight were quick to praise the invention for its ability to provide natural sunlight health benefits to spaces in hospitals, medical facilities and health clubs. It’s expected that the Lunar artificial skylight will also attract potential buyers that can see the health benefits outweighing the costs.

Will they be able to overcome the pricing hurdle?

One of the biggest obstacles CoeLux has found with their innovative designs is pricing and how it affects the commercial sale of their product. Despite having an LED light that people fall in love with at first sight, the cost to purchase and install the panel isn’t commercially viable for most businesses or residents.

It’s a typical trait in the LED industry, where the cost to produce innovative lighting erodes the economic benefits that consumers are seeking. Consumers in the luxury market are interested in the technology, however the price tag for a single panel is a substantial purchase.

Should they develop an economic model like LEDified, their business will have the potential to skyrocket.

You can see the original CoeLux design in the video below.

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