Retail Lighting Solutions

Case Studies

From major craft brands to framing and photography services, we have provided effective and more affordable lighting to a range of retail stores. LEDified have real stories of real retailers who we have helped along the journey. See how we assisted many retail locations in our case studies below.

Getting the edge in retail markets is all about making your brand visible, and more importantly memorable. What better way to do that then with our specially selected range of retail lighting? For a professional and dynamic environment, talk to the team at LEDified about how LEDs can help your showroom, supermarket or shopfront.

Key Considerations

Customers remembering your name and choosing your products is a sign of retail success. Our designers can assist you with your layout, providing the ideal retail space and  atmosphere. Consider these questions:

  • Does your lighting direct the customer? – Effective retail lighting can help guide customers from your highlighted merchandise, all the way to the checkout.
  • Are you prepared for day and night? – Many retail locations have long hours and need to adjust their lights to capitalise on different times of the day.
  • How does lighting help your brand? – Aside from specific products, your light can set your brand apart too, drawing a customer’s eye away your competitors.
  • Is safety a priority? – Customer comfort and safety can be heightened through effective retail lighting.

Stats and Facts

Here is some extra information to help guide you to retail success:

  • Lighting is important in commercial locations, accounting for up to 40% of electricity used
  • Ambient light can improve a customer’s sense of orientation and wellbeing
  • Shoppers are drawn to the brightest parts of a store
  • LEDified stocks retail lights that are ideal for supermarkets, showrooms and more

LED Lighting Solutions for Retail

Our range of retail lights are perfect for a full range of locations across Australia. Not only will they look great for customers, but they will be more efficient and environmentally friendly too.

Our Titan high-efficiency tube lighting with have your LEDs paying for themselves in no time, offering a bright neutral or daylight white light. These are ideal for retail outlet stores.