Remote controlled LED lights are quickly becoming the latest addition to the connected home. Aside from the fun, new tech aspect that remote controlled LED lights offer, they have practical implications too.


How Remote Controlled LED Lights Work And How LEDified’s Remote Controlled LED Works

At LEDified, we have a product called EVA. EVA is an LED downlight that uses a special remote control that does not require WiFi or special wiring. With this control, you can control EVA’s light output and colour temperature making EVA the most advanced remote controlled LED light in Australia.

Using Remote Controlled Lights

Both EVA and more conventional remote controlled LED lights, provide security, safety, and energy savings for homeowners. Use remote controlled LED lights for:

Security – Turn lights up or down based on the time of day for enhanced security inside and outside the home. Hear a noise outside? Use your remote to illuminate the area without making a move.
Mood Lighting – Ever want to watch a movie with the lights dimmed but are too settled to bother to get back up and dim them? Remote controlled LED lights eliminate this problem. Adjust lights up or down, or turn them on or off with a remote.
Energy Savings – Yes, LEDs are already energy-efficient, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy even more energy savings by dimming them or turning off lights that aren’t in use. And you can do it all with your handy remote.

Get Help With Your Remote Controlled LED Lights From LEDified

Let LEDified help you choose the right LED lights and system. Our expert analysis can help you find lights that are compatible with your needs, while our certified installers will make sure they perform as needed. Learn more about EVA and remote controlled LED lights at