It is easy for overheads to eat away the hard-earned profits of Australian businesses if they aren’t managed well. Every business has overheads, however, they do not need to provide a heavy financial burden for its business managers. By upgrading to more sustainable lighting solutions, your business will reduce its energy consumption and overhead expenses. The SCLAA claims that lighting is the second most significant type of energy that is consumed in businesses. By installing energy efficient lighting solutions, your business can minimise its overhead expenses by up to 40%. .

Energy efficient lighting solutions can make your business more cashflow positive.

LEDified chairman Jeff Kennet understands that businesses are facing a tough economic climate ahead; which is why businesses need to implement cost saving opportunities that will improve their operational profits over the long term. Tom Rutherford, who is the Head of Marketing at LEDified firmly believes that LED lighting solutions offer the fastest return on investment for businesses. Tom says,

“The sooner businesses invest in LED lights for their business, the sooner they will start seeing positive cashflow returns .The time to invest in LED lighting solutions has never been better. The cost of LED lights are becoming more affordable and businesses are in a position to take advantage of incentive schemes that will help to reduce the cost of the LEDs.”

LEDified has worked with several business and facility managers to reduce their lighting overhead costs. For example, Scotch College saves $5,500 on their annual lighting and maintenance bills after they upgraded to LED lighting. You can use LEDified’s saving’s calculator to forecast how much money LED lightings can save your business. LEDified’s promises customers that “If we can’t lower your commercial lighting costs by 50 per cent we’ll pay your energy bill for 3 months!”

Take advantage of LED lighting with these affordable financing incentives.

Over the past few years, the prices of LED lightbulbs have come down significantly. The biggest hurdle most businesses have faced when it comes to implementing LED lighting solutions has been its affordability. Nowadays, there are a few financing options that businesses can take advantage of to reap the benefits from installing LED lighting in their business. These financing options include:

On-bill funding

Financing LED lighting upgrades upfront can be a big capital expense for your business. To allow businesses to benefit from LED lighting, LEDified can arrange a financing agreement that would combine your financing repayment with the bill from your energy supplier. Because your business will benefit from the reduced cost savings (which might be up to 80% of your bill prior to the lighting upgrade), the financial impact should be minimal and your business should be able to pay off the bill in a matter of months.


The Australian government has pledged $2.55 billion to the Emissions Reduction Fund to help reduce Australia’s carbon emissions. LEDified can help secure subsidies for lighting upgrades to your business. These subsidies include:

VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme)

This subsidy is available to Victorian based businesses that want to upgrade their lighting to a more energy efficient solution.


ESS (New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme)

If a business is based in New South Wales and plans to upgrade to energy efficient lighting, the incentive will allow your business to receive sustainable lighting solutions at a marginal cost.


For states and territories that do not have any available subsidies, LEDified can offer a free installation.

Don’t let your lighting overheads chip away at your business’s profits. Get in touch with a LEDified consultant that can recommend the ideal lighting solution for your business.