LEDified’s Gen3 SmartBay is a compact and powerful light, ideal for most industrial and commercial applications. It produces a directional light, meaning there is no need for bulky reflectors, and it has a 120 degree beam angle for optimum light spread.

The Gen3 SmartBay instantly illuminates, without any warm up time, and it also has a motion sensor function if required, so when space is unoccupied, the lights turn off automatically. Dimmer compatibility and adjustable lumen output also comes standard. Rigorous testing in all weather conditions makes the Gen3 SmartBay suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The latest LED technology means this light can last up to an unprecedented 65,000 hours.

Fast Features

-Optional motion sensor

- Adjustable lumen output

-Dimmer compatibility

- Indoor and outdoor use

-Slimline profile – no reflector required

- Up to 119 lumens per watt


LEDifieds Gen 2 SmartBay has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand all weather conditions, including atmospheric dust and precipitation, meaning it is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The adjustable light modules allow the user to change the beam angle of the product. This makes the light ideal for a wide range of applications, such as pallet racking and aisle lighting. The level of brightness can be adjusted by the iDim remote control. This allows users to optimize energy usage over a range of wattages. The Gen 2 SmartBay has been tested lasts a minimum of 50,000 hours meaning your business will benefit from significantly reduced replacement costs.


  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • Instant light – no warm up time
  • Significant maintenance and replacement cost savings
  • Flicker free unlike conventional HIDs
  • More consistent light distribution


LEDified is able to access a range of finance options including ‘on-bill funding’. This means businesses can upgrade to energy saving LED lights with no upfront costs and repay the cost

of the installation across multiple energy bills. On bill funding is designed to be cash flow positive meaning the monthly energy savings are greater than the monthly repayments. Ask one of our consultants how on bill funding can work for you.

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