Improve productivity with our recommended office lighting designs.

Long days in the office can have a significant impact on in more ways than one. Not only can your employees be affected by poor or inadequate lighting, but your office electricity bill can too. With inefficient lighting causing increased bills, efficient LED solutions can counteract these costs while also effectively brightening up your workplace. 

Case Studies

We have helped a wide range of offices to create more productive environments and lower bills. These range from corporate headquarters peak industry bodies and manufacturing sites. Explore our range of case studies to see our work in action.

Key Considerations

Promoting increased productivity in staff can sometimes be as easy as creating a more comfortable environment. Reliable, natural looking light is a great first step in this regard. Have a conversation with LEDified today, and consider these factors:

  • How long are your office hours? – Different LED products work best under different conditions
  • How large, physically, is your space?
  • Does your current lighting promote productivity, comfort and also safety?
  • Can you benefit from automated lighting?
  • Are there energy targets/standards you have to meet?
  • What sort of work do you do and how does light contribute to that?
  • Do you only need general lighting, or task specific and accent lights?

Technical Information and Statistics

LEDified is committed to providing greater insights for you. Consider this information when choosing the lighting design for your office:

  • Studies show that well-lit office environments are a contributing factor to increased productivity (up to 16%), greater job satisfaction (up to 24%) and fewer days off
  • LEDified lights feature tube lighting, panels, downlights, and more to match your specific office requirements
  • Dimmable lights and greater individual control allows workers to adapt their lighting to optimise the work they are doing

LED Lighting Solutions for Your Office Setting

The LEDified office product suite is designed to seamlessly integrate into your working environment. Working with our team and our products, you can enhance productivity and employee satisfaction while also lowering overall operation costs.

Options to consider include our dimmable series, which produce daylight or neutral light and is perfect for multifunction offices. High-efficiency tube lights can quickly decrease your electricity bills while downlights offer a spread of light, for corridors and similar areas.