On the surface, buying an LED lightbulb yourself makes it seem like you are saving yourself a lot of money. You might purchase lightbulbs from the corner store or directly from manufacturers in China and end up saving $5 a bulb or more. If you then install the bulbs yourself, you will save a few thousand dollars on the installation costs. The thing is the initial cost savings may erode over the long-term and even cost you more if the bulbs are low quality or if the installation is done poorly. Here are some of the risks that you can face if you choose to purchase and install LED lights yourself.

Not all drivers are compatible with different lights.

LED lights are a new technology and they don’t mix with old technology very well. The lighting setup in your home might be tailored towards incandescent or halogen bulbs. If this is the case, then they are using a different type of technology to power those lights. Simply replacing a bulb with an LED option doesn’t mean that it will work.

Safety risks.

There are several types of safety and health risks that can occur if

One of the biggest issues that comes from DIY installs is flickering lights. This typically occurs because the lights, transformers or the dimmers that are being used are incompatible. This can lead to health and safety hazards within the property and with people’s well-being.

Why go with LEDified?

What sets LEDified apart from the competition is that we manufacture our own lights that meet the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certifications. Even though the bulbs that you purchase from LEDified will cost more than the cheaper options from China or other manufacturers, LEDified can guarantee the safety of the bulbs because they have been tested against other bulbs and comply with the rules and regulations of Electrical Safety Act. (You can see more in this video here.) Upon the installation of your LED lights, you will also receive a Certificate of Electrical Safety within 30 days of the completed work.

What you will receive from LEDified is the ‘peace of mind’, knowing that you have purchased LED products that will last for the long-term and that also minimise the risk of any safety hazards.

If you are a business, LEDified can help you claim any LED lighting upgrades as a tax deduction for your business. Give LEDified a call on 13 LEDS to find out more today!