LED lights have made a positive impact to the world in so many ways. LEDified recognises the value that LED lights have made when it comes to improving working and residential environments. However, there are other types of LED lights that are being used to do extraordinary things.

Here are a few stories from around the world.

LEDs light up a homemade ice rink.

In 2016, a homeowner from Minnesota in the USA attempted to freeze waterproof LED lights in a backyard ice rink. The man who created the ice rink actually owns a flooring business and decided to convert his backyard tennis court into an ice rink during the winter. (Source)

His wife pitched him the idea that it should have LED lights in the flooring. The man then went on to find LED lights and created an ice rink that illuminates different colours while skating. You can see a video of the ice rink below.

South Korea’s Tree of life for the winter Olympics.

Tree of life

Tree of life

The winter Olympics will be hosted in Pyeongchang in 2018. The South Koreans have created a wooden structure that is 108 feet tall and contains 400,000 LEDs. This will make it the largest wooden structure in South Korea. You can see the original announcement from Yahoo Sports here.

LED lights are used on Niagara falls.

Niagara falls is one of the most majestic landmarks that you can see in North America. A $4 million renovation on the Canadian side of the waterfalls will help to bring the waterfalls to life by night.

1400 new LED lights have helped with the makeover, boosting colours and making them up to 14 times brighter. The bulbs are also more energy efficient than their predecessors.

You can click here to see a report from CBS News.

Faucets with LED lights.

One way to jazz up your bathroom is to invest in faucets that have LED lights built into them. The water from the faucet will illuminate in different colours according to the temperature of the water. So it is another handy way to alert users to any changes in the water’s temperature.

The video below shows a faucet with an LED built into it.

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