The Champions IGA Group, Kangaroo Flat, Victoria

“Switching to LEDified’s LEDs dramatically impacted our bottom line. Before the switch, our total annual lighting costs used to be over $92,000. We’d also have ongoing maintenance costs where we’d need to shut down the store to replace and check all the lights.

Now, our annual lighting costs are about $25,000 and we are no longer concerned with annual maintenance costs. The payback period was only 14 months on the investment. My store now saves over $67,000 a year on lighting costs, which is truly remarkable. The LEDified design team understood our specific lighting requirements and worked with us to improve the look of the store. Our displays are now uniformly lit and the store has a more natural look. We are very happy with the results and would absolutely recommend LEDified.”

Brendon Goddard, Executive Chairman

The Project

The message from management was simple; improve the lighting configuration of the store and slash ongoing energy and maintenance costs. After conducting a thorough assessment of the existing lighting configuration.

It was clear that LED lighting would further benefit the store by prolonging the life of fresh produce. The reason for this is that LED lights produce very little UV, meaning the shelf life of perishable foods is extended.

The Solution

After completing the LED retrofit, the results were nothing short of spectacular. The focused, uniform light and superior colour rendering brought shop to life, while also reducing lighting costs by 70%.

LEDified understands the importance of great light, so let our team of LED professionals show you how to improve the look of your business while reducing your operating costs now, and for many years to come.

The Savings

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