Floyd Instruments, Tullamarine, Victoria

“After our initial consultation with LEDified’s David Perry, we were pleasantly surprised with the expert advice and professionalism shown.On signing up, the whole installation process was handled professionally and in a timely manner, and more importantly with no disruptions to our manufacturing and business operations.

After the installation, the result was a more even and vivid lighting, in particular, our manufacturing and warehousing areas creating better quality lighting for our assemblers and store staff. Overall we envisage the anticipated savings on lighting costs to impact positively within our overall manufacturing overheads, thus helping offset some of these costs.”

Brett Traynor, General Manager

The Project

Floyd Instruments is a leading supplier and Australia’s only manufacturer of pressure gauges and industrial thermometers. Creating these intricate products require a high degree of precision from both hi-tech machines and technicians’ manual work. Quality and durable lighting were instrumental to both the manufacturing process as well as occupation health and safety.

The company understood the value of investing in corporate social responsibility and saw LED lighting as pivotal to its “Going Green” initiative.

The Solution

LEDified upgraded Floyd Instruments to a combination of LEDs, specifically tailored to each area of their facility. The lab rooms were fitted out with LEDified’s Titan Tube, and the warehouse with the Sigma Highbays series, respectively reducing lighting energy consumption by 66% and 73%.

The LEDs produce a clear and consistent light that enhances visibility in the warehouse while also creating a more welcoming ambiance across the facility. What’s more, the upgrade to LED lighting will result in a carbon abatement of 21,487kg.

As a bonus to the business’s commitment to sustainability practices, it now also anticipates saving approximately $70,000 in lighting costs over the next ten years.

The Savings

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