Access Hire, Clayton, Victoria

“Promoting a more sustainable future played a key part in our decision to upgrade to LED lighting so, seeing that first energy bill was a pleasant surprise. In just a month, without making any other changes, we could already see the energy savings, confirming we had reduced our energy consumption and our carbon footprint. 

We are pleased with the quality of the lights. They appear brighter yet softer and less tiring on the eyes. All in all, we are happy with the results and the service provided by LEDified.” 

Tim Nuttall, Managing Director

The Project

Access Hire in Clayton, Victoria, provides businesses with the latest in elevated work platform technology, materials handling equipment and other associated equipment. Their high-ceiling warehouse was in need of a practical solution for lighting up the space in a way that would provide clear visibility for the workers. In the office and reception areas, staff found the old lighting harsh and tiring on the eyes.

Coincidentally, the business was looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint so reducing their energy consumption with LED lighting was the next logical step. LEDified was on board.

The Solution

Using a combination of LEDified’s Titan tube and Sigma Smartbay product ranges, the building came out from the shadows.

The clear and welcoming LED light improved office conditions and minimised strain on eyesight. Visibility in the warehouse also improved with the new highbays, which meant workers could complete daily activities more efficiently.

Importantly, the LED upgrade successfully reduced Access Hire’s carbon footprint, resulting in a 17,147Kg carbon abatement and over $5,000 in annual savings in lighting and maintenance costs.

The Savings

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