Healthcare Lighting – Create Warmth for Your Patients

The importance of lighting often goes beyond the practical, especially in locations such as healthcare facilities. Not only are these locations often open long hours, but they also need to promote a sense of pleasantness, calmness, and wellbeing. As many of us may have experienced, incandescent and fluorescent lighting often fail to meet these needs, as they can become prone to faults, flickering, and can run up costly electricity bills in high-demand environments.

LEDified offers a solution to this with our healthcare lighting range. On a practical level, our LEDs are more energy efficient which is a benefit to clinics with long hours. Beyond that though, we can also provide functional and reliable lighting that helps to create comfort for patients and professionals alike.

Case Studies

Already, LEDified have assisted a range of pharmacies in creating significant savings while also creating appropriate environments for visitors and staff. Read their stories by exploring our case studies below.

Key Considerations

The work undertaken in a healthcare location can sometimes vary day to day, making greater insights into your lighting essential for optimal conditions. Some things to consider, include:

  • Your hours – do your hours vary and/or are you a 24 hour or emergency location?
  • How will your lighting requirements change between laboratories/patient rooms/surgical sites/outdoor areas, etc.?
  • How will you create a welcoming first impression?
  • How can lighting assist with directions and location information?
Key Insights

To help you make an informed decision about your lighting requirements, here is some further information on how lighting can affect the healthcare sector:

  • Light, when used correctly, can have a positive impact in a healthcare environment
  • LEDified’s healthcare product suite is designed to make a difference by creating a positive environment that combines efficiency, functionality and ambiance
  • By acting on our circadian system, light can reduce depression among patients, decrease the length of hospital stays, improve sleep, reduce agitation, ease pain and assist staff working night shifts (The Impact of Light on Outcomes in Healthcare Settings)

 LED Lighting Solutions for Healthcare

Our medical lights cover indoor and outdoor environments, so whether you’re lighting a pharmacy or a garden at a rest home, we can assist you.

Create the optimal environment with our high efficiency tube lighting that can replicate neutral or daylight tones.