Making eco-friendly upgrades to your home doesn’t need to be difficult. You can invest in technology that will conveniently reduce your home’s environmental impact without forcing you to significantly change your habits. Here are five ways you can implement this.


Sometimes we think we are doing the right thing when we are washing our plates manually when it is actually more efficient to wish our plates with a dishwasher. This is because several eco-friendly systems recycle the water and minimise the amount of water that’s needed to get the plates clean.

LED lights.

LED lighting technology will probably have the biggest eco-friendly impact on your home. The technology reduces energy consumption by up to 80%, thus reducing your home’s impact on the environment and minimising your electricity expenses. If your home currently uses incandescent or fluorescent lighting, get in touch with LEDified who can help you make the switch to a more eco-friendly solution.

Drip irrigation.

Are you someone that loves to water their garden? Many people love to use their hose to water the grass, flowerbeds or vegetable gardens in their home. The problem with this method is that much of the water that gets used evaporates into the air and doesn’t reach the roots of the plants that need the water. Drip irrigation saves water and efficiently hydrates plants with its ability to create moisture in the soil that will allow the water to reach the plant’s roots.

Hot water boiler

The hot water boiler system in your home will have an impact on your overall energy bill. Rather than rely on a system that is connected to the energy grid, consider using a system that is powered by solar energy.

Solar panels

Another way to cut down on your home’s electricity bill is by investing in solar panels. Australia is a lucky nation that is exposed to year-long sunshine. By investing in solar panels, you can collect energy, which will be sent back to the electrical grid and will give you discounts on your overall energy bill.

Double glazed windows.

If you are based in the southern part of Australia where you get cooler climates, then you might want to consider investing in double glazed windows. The technology retains heat within the property and amplifies the amount of solar heat that comes in through the window. The only problem is that if you live in a warm climate area, your home will retain too much heat.


This will reduce your need to rely on electricity for your heating system and will also save you money over the long-term.


The price to get these installed in your home varies, however you will save more money over the long-term. So what are you waiting for?