Wondering who will be installing your new LED lights? At LEDified, we hire technicians who are more than just installers. They are licensed electricians and LED technology champions who love to talk up LED lighting!

Rabih is one such electrician. In this blog post he has shared some of his insights into the job and what he loves most about installing LED lights in homes.

Q: What do you like most about your job?
I like the fact that I can make contact with new people on a daily basis. I also enjoy my colleagues at LEDified, as they are fantastic to work with.

Q: What sort of feedback do you get from customers post installation?
I have been working at LEDified for two years now, and the questions I get are fairly similar. I get asked by almost every customer if I am a qualified electrician, and if I will be supplying them with a certificate of compliance. I answer yes to both questions.

Q: What is the main advice you give to customers in regards to choosing the right LEDs for their home?
The advice I give them depends on the height of their ceiling, and also the colour of their furniture and floor. If they have dark colours I recommend installing warm whites. I also advise customers to go with the brighter lights for their kitchen and bathrooms. LEDs are also safe, last longer and are more energy efficient. But at the end of the day, the sales reps address those questions and make sure the customers gets the right lights for their home. However, I’m happy to offer advice if requested.

Q: What is your most memorable installation experience with a customer?
Of all the installations I have completed all my customers have been very pleased and love their new lights. I just get a lot of satisfaction out of improving the look of people’s homes with high quality LEDs, and I love the fact that the customers are going to save a lot of money in the future with these lights.

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