Lighting Designers

A team of lighting designers liaise with project managers and installers to produce accurate architectural drawings. Their responsibilities include researching various lighting designs to ensure all lighting configurations meet AS/NZS 1680 standards. They utilise computer software to calculate the appropriate lighting levels for the customer with special consideration given to the industry and application of the job.


LEDified auditors apply for Government incentives on behalf of customers. The requirements of the incentive schemes are comprehensive and include pre and post installation audits, barcode tracking, installation compliance and scheduling. As an accredited VEEC and ESC agent, LEDified will pass these incentives onto the customer in the form of an installation discount.

EcoSmart Electricians

LEDifed’s installation team are trained and accredited as EcoSmart Electricians that specialise in energy reduction. They advise on all aspects of installation work along with the lighting designers in order facilitate an accurate and efficient installation

without disrupting the day to day operations of the customer’s premises.

Project Managers

LEDifed’s team of project managers take care of the entire LED upgrade. Their process begins with an analysis of existing lighting products within your premises including light counts as well as a review of any relevant architectural plans.

They then present an energy savings proposal using the LEDified quoting application. Project managers will then liaise with lighting designers and electricians to determine how to achieve the best lighting and energy savings outcome for the business. The goal of the project manager is to exceed the expectations of the customer and deliver a sealmess upgrade experience.

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*Terms and Conditions;
50% saving on lighting costs is based on the financial savings on recurring product replacements as well as maintenance and energy savings costs that you would have incurred without LED lighting products. Savings are calculated by comparing the wattage reduction (including ballasts) between existing lighting configuration and LEDified LEDs. The offer does not include upgrading from T5 florescent tubes to an LED product. Offer does not include the replacement of LED lighting, induction lighting or CLF lighting. Savings are based on the LEDified Energy Savings Proposal documentation only. Only LEDified can determine the appropriate LED replacement products suitable for the upgrade. Customer must have a minimum of 200 lights to qualify. Offer does not extend to lighting or wiring that fails to comply with Australian wiring standards and where additional wiring works are required. If LEDified cannot save 50% on lighting costs, it will pay the three months of energy costs up to the value of $3000 per month. Offer valid until August 31st, 2015.