Subway has always been a progressive brand in the fast-food space. They were the first large scale fast food franchise to bring healthy low cost alternatives to the busy health conscious customer. Given the company’s reputation for being forward thinking, ongoing sustainability of its operations is always on the companies agenda. As well as focusing their attention on having the best products, they also have a keen desire to optimise their operations, including energy usage. Subway Dingley, in Victoria, was chosen as a pilot site to test the LED lights, in order to fine tune there energy and maintenance expenses.

Key points

 Don’t produce heat so the refrigeration system doesn’t need to work so hard – contribute to store hygiene

 Optimal CRI light colour – helping to give produce the appearance of being more vibrant –

 Enhancing the customer experience and potentially increasing sales.


There were five key considerations for the team at Subway Dingley;

(1) Reduce energy costs,

(2) Improve the customer experience in the store

(3) Improve security by providing better light for CCTV images

(4) Eliminating lighting UV which attracts insects and degrades the freshness of the products

(5) Reduce the heat which emanated from the existing lights.


LEDified’s commercial specialists recommended replacing 25 Halogen downlights with LEDifieds EVA LEDs in the service area, as well as retrofitting 18 tubes with LEDifieds Orson T8s. Subway Dingley now has lights that adjust for daytime and night time environments. The EVA LED can be adjusted from a natural crisp hue during daytime hours, to an atmospheric warm hue during evening operations. Because LEDified LEDs only produce 10% of the heat of the previous lighting configuration, the refrigeration system doesn’t need to work so hard. The clean, directional light from LEDified’s Orson T8 range enhanced the colours of the food in the display cabinet and because it doesn’t omit damaging UV light, the food stays fresher for longer.

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