Case Study – Deer Park Oil Tools

Deer Park Oil Tools, based in Sale, Victoria, offers a full range of manufacturing capability for API specification products and associated machine shop services. The company prides itself on providing a safe, dynamic and challenging work environment for its employees, and is regarded as one of the best oil tool manufacturers in Australia.

Like any successful business, Deer Park Oil Tools are not content to sit on their laurels. After investigating ways to further streamline their operation, they identified LED lighting as an opportunity to lower energy costs, and increase the safety of employees on the factory floor.

The existing lights on the factory floor were becoming dull, and replacement costs were increasing. In some cases this affected production output. LEDifieds commercial lighting specialists conducted a comprehensive audit of the companies lighting, and concluded that an LED retrofit would not only save Deer Park Oil Tools 60% on lighting costs, but also dramatically improve lighting levels.

179 lights were replaced with LEDified LEDs. The factory floor now has efficient, directional light with a greater lumen output, and a higher CRI. The company is now saving $23,729 a year on lighting costs.

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