Brivis, Braeside, Victoria

The Project

Brivis is a market leader in the manufacturing of heating and cooling systems. Based in Braeside, their manufacturing facility employs hundreds of highly skilled Victorians that develop class leading climate control systems.

Following a review by management into how to reduce operating expenditure, LED technology was identified as the single biggest reduction that could be made to reduce ongoing overheads. Brivis opted to maintain a similar level of lumen output that they had experienced with their previous 250w metal halides, and installed 100 w LEDified SmartBays in the factory to lower their energy usage.

The Solution

Post installation, the factory floor is now lit with a directional light, with an even light spread, that has proven to be particularly helpful for employees on low light days and during winter shifts.
In the back office, the Sales, Accounts and Marketing offices were retrofitted with LEDifieds T8 LED tubes. The major benefit of LEDifieds T8 tubes is they don’t flicker, produce a smooth, consistent lumen output, making the light more natural and easy to work in.

The great benefit for Brivis is that over the lifetime of the new SmartBays and T8s that have been installed, the company will save 149,890 dollars in energy costs, and 53,219 dollars in maintenance costs over 10 years.

The Savings

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