Scientific studies have shown how sufficient lighting can positively impact people’s health and wellbeing. Although medical clinics are in the business of healing the sick and injured, many clinics underestimate how much lighting impacts the aesthetics and finances of their clinic. Traditionally, there has been a bit of a catch. Those clinics that looked much cleaner, brighter and more inviting typically used a lot more lighting. The catch was the lighting that was used consumed a lot of energy, thus leaving the medical clinic with excessive overhead costs.

On the plus side, the clinic would attract more customers that preferred being in the more inviting medical environment; resulting in more revenue for the clinic.

On the flip side, clinics that opted for cheaper lighting such as lowly-lit incandescent bulbs would save much more in overheads, however their clinic would appear dull and uninviting; resulting in fewer clinic bookings and recommendations.

Many clinics are looking for better ways to improve the lighting in their clinic by using natural light and LED lighting. Fortunately with the reduced costs of LED lights, clinics have more accessibility to install light bulbs that will improve the aesthetics of their clinic with better luminosity.

Usually when the lighting quality improves, you would expect the consumption cost to increase as well. With LED lighting, the case is reversed. The reason being is that other lighting technology used inefficient methods to produce light. Incandescent bulbs could provide different luminosities, however 90% of the energy that was consumed with the bulb was wasted as heat. LED technology addresses this by using the energy to produce light. In fact, if you touch the outside of the bulb when it is on, you will feel that it is cool unlike touching the outside of an incandescent bulb which is guaranteed to burn your skin.

There are LED bulbs that mimic sunlight which is perfect for those areas in your clinic that don’t have access to natural light. This should improve the wellbeing of patients and staff in your clinic.

Additionally, natural light shouldn’t be ignored. The more natural light that comes into your clinic, the more it should positively impact the health of your patients.

Now the great thing about these lighting alternatives is that it can significantly reduce your clinic’s lighting costs. LED’s can save consumption costs by up to 60% and when coupled with natural light, the savings could be even greater. (You can click here to see how the Narre Warren Medical Clinic benefited from the installation of LED lights.)

This could easily save your clinic $5,000 a year.

The other benefit to consider is that the welcoming atmosphere of your clinic will compel people to keep visiting and recommending your clinic to friends, family and peers, which should trigger more business growth for your clinic.

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