By now, you’re probably comfortable with LED lights and are used to seeing them wherever you go. To most people they are still considered a new technology, but in reality, LEDs have been around for over 50 years! They just weren’t readily available for mass consumption until recently.

Infographic created by Electrical Services DFW

Infographic created by Electrical Services DFW

LED Technology Beginnings

Sometimes it seems like they showed up overnight, but LED lights have actually been around in their earliest form since 1962! A GE employee by the name of Nick Holonyak, Jr. is credited with developing the first visible light spectrum LED. Originally red in colour, these early LEDs were used in alarm clocks and timers and as indicator lights on machinery. During the 1970’s advances in LED technology led to the development of green, orange, and yellow LEDs. It wasn’t until 1995, that a white LED light was developed. In 1997, white LED replacement bulbs hit the open market.

From there, the technology and manufacturing processes advanced. Many of these advances focused on new ways to use LED technology or improve the technical challenges of using or manufacturing LEDs. As this research turned into reality, LED costs dropped. This drop in production costs is what really pushed LEDs out into the consumer market and made them a viable lighting solution. When the cost of a 60W equivalent LED dropped nearly 40% in 2001 and 2012, sales of LED replacement bulbs surged 22% worldwide.

Today, LEDs are used for much more than lighting a home or business. These smart, energy-saving little lights can be found in automobiles as indicator lights or even brake lights or headlamps. They are also used in traffic signals and street lamps. Consumers will find them in TVs, display cases, and even toys, but the most widely recognised use is still as a replacement bulb in a home or business. By 2030, LED lights are expected to make up 75% of all lighting sales.

Install LED Technology In Your Home Or Business With Help From LEDified

If you have been undecided about LED lights and whether the technology has caught up with our lighting demands, you can put your fears to rest. We can say without a doubt that LED technology is here to stay and has advanced to the point that it is economically worthwhile to install LED lighting in your business or home.

To learn more about LED lighting options, contact LEDified at 13LEDS. We make the process of changing over to LED lighting simple. Our certified electricians provide on-site assessments and installation of LED lighting systems that are appropriate for your needs. Visit to learn more about our residential and commercial LED services.