How LEDs work

LEDs ‘Light emitting diodes’ work by allowing energy to pass through tiny chips known as diodes. Because diodes don’t have a filament like standard lights, they don’t ‘blow’ and last 40,000 hours longer than standard lights, provided that are fitted with a suitable, power regulating transformer. Because old fashioned lights require the filament material to ‘burn’ at up to 300 degrees to produce light, up to 90% of the energy it takes to power them is lost as heat. LED lighting works by dispersing a fraction of energy across multiple diodes that don’t require a ‘filament’, meaning they rarely get hotter than 80 degrees, placing much less stress on the internal components, allowing them to last up to 20 times longer.

Dimmer compatibility

Drivers enable dimming or sequencing of LEDs. Put simply, when you dim your lights, LEDifieds purpose built transformers regulate the amount of energy that flows into LEDs, allowing you to control your lighting conditions


LEDified LEDs are installed with a power regulation transformer. They work by regulating the amount of energy that goes into the LED, which can be anything up to 89% less than a standard light.

With such high quality lights, it’s no surprise that, like Pat, customers see the difference straight away:
“The lighting was always a little bit dodgy with the old lights… these new ones are really neat looking, they’re really effective so they’re giving us a really nice bright light… they look like they’re going to be safer too”
“LEDified were proficient and courteous in arranging a suitable time for the work to be carried out… We were very satisfied with all our dealings with LEDified.”
Lloyd, Brighton

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Why is LEDified Australia’s Market Leader?

  • LEDified LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional lights
  • Save up to 50% with Government incentives
  • We have saved our customers millions in energy costs
  • Complete installation at no additional costs*
  • LEDified LEDs last up to 50,000 hours and come with a 5 year warranty