5 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Power Bills

Electricity is everywhere in the modern day – whether at home, in the office or on an industrial site. With a growing list of appliances and amenities competing for power, it’s no surprise that some people get a shock when they read the electricity bill.

If you’re concerned about the rising electricity costs at your home or work, the energy experts at LEDified have a few simple solutions for you.


  1. Make the Switch to LEDs

If you haven’t already done so, then investing in LED lights at your location is a good idea. Not only are LEDs a greener option than incandescent and fluorescent lighting, they’re also more energy efficient. Less energy use means lower electricity bills and significant savings off your bottom line.

Having LEDs fitted doesn’t have to be an expensive up front cost either. LEDs have actually dropped in price by around 85% since 2008. With increasing popularity these trends are set to continue, making now the ideal time to make the switch.


  1. Upgrade Your Appliances

Sometimes your inefficiency doesn’t come from how you use your appliances, but the appliances you’re using. Older models are typically far less efficient, and over time appliances like fridges – which are constantly using electricity – can lose their seal and develop other faults that make them work harder and use more power.

When choosing your new appliance, be sure to look for energy rating labels that tell you how they stack up against the competition.


  1. Don’t Use it When You’re Not Using it

This might seem like a simple concept, but you can save a lot of money by not using your electricity, especially in commercial environments. At warehouses and offices, consider lighting and appliance automation, like sensors that only switch on when someone is in the room.


  1. Smarter Heating and Cooling

Approximately 40% of the energy we use at home is consumed by heating and cooling appliances.  Consider insulation for your ceilings, walls and floors to help your heating and cooling, and look into things like ventilation and even new window furnishings too.


  1. Unplug It!

 Appliances account for about 30% of energy use but did you know that they still use energy when switched off at the wall? All you need to do to prevent this is to unplug your toaster, television, microwave, kettle, and more – the list goes on!


To get started with step one of this process, simply call the team at LEDified. Phone 13LEDS and ask us about government incentives and how your lighting can pay for itself. We offer everything you need, from helpful tips to keep you electricity costs low, to expert knowledge on the best products to install in your home or workplace!