3 of The Most Effective Ways to Use Downlighting

Just like a visual artist will experiment with colour, texture and perspective to bring their canvas to life, effective lighting design relies on a number of factors. Lighting needs to be practical, yet it also benefits from playing with different shapes, colours and atmospheres. One of a lighting specialist’s finest tools is the downlight – it’s like a fine paintbrush that can redefine a scene with just a few simple strokes. Today we’re going to take a closer look at downlights, and some of the most effective ways to use them.


  1. Create Tranquillity in Your Bathroom

There are few areas of the home that need to be as serene as the bathroom. This is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, where you can lose yourself in the bubbles of a bath, or the hot stream of a shower. Atmosphere plays a big part in the success of this, as harsh, flooding light sometimes swallow the serenity of the experience.

LED Downlights are perfect here because they’re subtle, focused, and they create atmosphere. Take for example the two lights spread evenly over this bathtub, which draw the focus without drowning out the room. For the shower, placing downlights in the shelves where you house soaps and lotions will create a spread of light rather than one central source.


  1. Practicality Meets Perfection

Ambiance is one of the most important things that lighting provides – it helps to construct the character of a space, making subtlety key for comfort. Illumination is also highly practical too, and this example in the bedroom shows that off perfectly. These downlights are spread across closet doors, which not only creates a soft ambiance for the bedroom, it’s also intelligent, providing an instant and direct source of light when searching for that perfect outfit.


  1. Accentuate Everything Important


There are some aspects of your home that just need showing off, and recessed LED downlights are perfect for highlighting these things. Take for example family photos, which most homes proudly display. A lot of the time they’re either in darkened hallways or are obscured by harsh light reflecting off the glass in their frame, but with downlights you can show them off under soft, focused illumination. The same can be said for bookshelves, or works of art, both of which benefit from the simple spotlighting that downlights provide – one that highlights their natural features.


If you’re looking for downlights to show off your photos, art, enhance your ambiance or simply create a relaxing space, look no further than LEDified. Call us on 13LEDS for a quote on LED downlights that will look brilliant, and can ultimately pay for themselves.